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Anti-theft system of electronic goods
  【Print Return Time:2008/2/20

With the improvement of living standards, the pace of life is speeding up, and open-shelf choice for consumers supermarkets and convenience shopping, more and more consumers welcome. Supermarket emerging in large numbers, on the one hand to bring great convenience to consumers, businesses and the quality of service significantly improve economic efficiency, but also bring a headache for merchants - stolen goods. Customary international warning line loss rate for the commodity turnover of 1.8%, while China's Open-shelf, optional, supermarkets and chain stores lost goods turnover rate has reached 3% -5%. According to CCTV, Shanghai in 1993, the supermarket goods stolen was more than 300 million, and by 1997 had reached more than 3,000 yuan. Beijing in 1998 and supermarket goods stolen amounted to 7000 - 8000万元. According to May 22, 2000 Beijing Wanbao reported 1999 national supermarket goods stolen amounted to 80 billion yuan. It is unfortunate that this figure is still growing rapidly. It seriously harmed the interests of businesses, the loss of business profits in vain, and even lead to the closure of shopping malls. Therefore, how to prevent the theft of a large number of goods businessmen urgent to solve the problems. Electronic anti-theft system commodities (Electronic Article Surveillance), or EAS. It is a high-tech electronic anti-theft devices. It means high-tech goods to a self-defense capability, can effectively protect commodities, to prevent stolen goods. In foreign countries, 90 per cent of the EAS system used in the retail industry to reduce the theft rate. In China, EAS system is gradually accepted by the vast number of businessmen and use. EAS system is to reduce theft and reduce losses, the most reliable and most economical high-tech management tool. The company's EAS system using LC resonant reflection principle, with good looks, high sensitivity, low false-positive rate advantages.

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