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Electronic Commodity role in the anti-theft system
  【Print Return Time:2008/2/20

1. Prevent theft. EAS system change the past, "people overseeing people," "people look for" the way, it means a high-tech goods to a self-defense capability, the security measures implemented in each and every one commodity, thorough and effective solution to the problem of stolen goods. Investigations revealed that the installation of the EAS system businessmen theft rate than the system had not been installed EAS businessmen low 60 percent to 70 percent.

       2. Simplified management. EAS system can effectively curb "steal" phenomenon, staff and administrators to ease the contradictions exclude staff psychological barriers, so that employees are dedicated to the work, so as to enhance work efficiency.

       3. Improve the shopping atmosphere. The past "people overseeing people" approach that many consumers resent, businesses may therefore sect languished. EAS system consumers can easily create a good environment for shopping, allow free and unfettered to buy commodities, businesses, and consumers greatly improved the relationship between the businesses win more customers. Ultimately increase sales and increase profits.

       4. Deterrent role. EAS system to a tough stance polite way to stop customers "Shunshouqianyang" behaviour to avoid man-made factors causing disputes, respect for human rights at the same time safeguarding the interests of the businessmen. On the theft are concerned, in the EAS system to its cause enormous psychological deterrent, "Yinianzhicha" to dispel the idea of burglary.

       5. Beautify the environment. EAS system itself is a kind of high-tech products, handsome appearance and the production of sophisticated modern technology with sumptuous decoration pushed to "gilding the lily" effect, the protection of goods at the same time beautify the shopping mall environment is a high-end shopping malls, large and medium-sized supermarkets showed that the economic strength and scientific and technological content of the signs of equipment, modern shopping mall is the inevitable trend of development.

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