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EAS commodity composition of electronic anti-theft system
  【Print Return Time:2008/2/20

EAS system is by detector, electronic tags, decoder / unlocking devices.

      1. Detector generally transmitter and receiver two components. The basic principle is to use the antenna will be launched with a scanning launch, the launch antennas and receiving antennas formed between a scanning area, but in the scope of use of this band receiving antenna receiver reduction, reuse resonance theory of electromagnetic waves to search Are there specific areas of the existence of effective labelling, when a region that is effectively triggering warning labels.

      2. Electronic tags to its internal structure is a Lc oscillation circuit, installed in a special manner of goods, only a special decoder, the lock-can be lifted. At present, the market appears soft electronic labels labels, hardware labels, bottles protection, anti-theft label milk, CD / tape protection boxes.

      3. Decoder is soft label failure devices. At present, there commonly used for non-contact codecs, as long as the salesperson will be labelled by the top decoder can decode within 20 cm. Decoder is able to cope with POS cash register laser platform. Unlock for fast, convenient and simple to remove the label various hardware devices.

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