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Soft label: the merits of goods label
  【Print Return Time:2008/1/25

Commodity label advantages: global nearly 100 million dollars annually for the theft loss, retailers need a new theft technology to recoup their losses. Radio RF label: A process in the production of goods has been done in the anti-theft tags in the packaging of goods or merchandise within the technology to solve this problem. Because of the labelling of goods, more businesses to open shelves in the form of goods show in front of customers, merchandise sales increased by 25%, loss rate has dropped by 50 per cent. Due to the sales increase will enable manufacturers to the sales growth of nearly 70 percent to 100 percent. Labelling of goods to every one person each bring benefits to both.

  For retailers: stop, the incidence of theft, open-shelf display, sales growth, the labor savings labelling unit sales increase profits.

On the manufacturers: Open-shelf brought about by the increased sales, making Availability of obvious improvement of the integrity of the original packaging graphics and commodity information.

To consumers: to enjoy the fun of Open-shelf shopping easier and comfortable shopping environment to stimulate desire.

       To stop labelling of goods inside and outside the occurrence of bootlegging, so that goods can be completely open shelves, retailers and suppliers of consumer goods are due to the increase in sales generated by the greatly increased profits benefit

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