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EAS anti-theft system and other products as well as its comparative advantages
  【Print Return Time:2008/1/25

At present, many supermarkets, shopping malls have security in the use of traditional methods, relying on the sales person's eyes and television monitoring system. The main responsibility of business is to introduce the products to sell goods, rather than security supervisors. If the security work to another salesperson, it is bound to affect the sale of goods and increase the burden salesperson; customers also cause resentment. In addition, many customers in the salesperson on a purchase of goods, often at a loss, loss, theft occurred in the eyes. TV monitoring system, it can see the advantages of shopping malls in the image and the behaviour of burglary, and video-recorded. However, the cameras have some dead ends, even though a 360-degree rotating lens also has obvious cyclical. At the same time, large shopping malls tall shelves of a video camera to stop, so that the staff failed to get involved. Surveillance systems and small screens, monitoring personnel often so inadequate care and neglect.

       In addition, since the theft a short period of time, long look at the screen will cause visual fatigue staff, so staff tend to be overlooked. Also, the information is lagging behind the camera, when staff members arrived on the scene, often Liuzhidaiji burglary. EAS system is the true "electronic police", it can promptly and effectively to prevent acts of burglary. It need not free care, when it will "inform" you. In a sense, EAS system is not to wage a loyal staff, its advantages are obvious.

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